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Industrial Design Students HTW

Industrial Design Students HTW

A lot of time has passed by, but since october four design students from the NID are studying in Germany at the HTW Berlin for six months. We welcome Vaishali Rajurkar, Krishan Jagota, Vivek Kattela and Samuel Pushpak and are looking forward to your experiences gathered in your projects and your time in Germany. During the same period Janniná Kluge, Christina Hofmann, Tony Pilz and Nick Oelschlägel will study at the NID in India. Congratulations for the DAAD schoolarship - New passage to India! We await to hear from your experiences in this exceptional and diverse country. The indian and german design students will also work on different research topics about “Universal Design Thinking” and will be supported by Ravi Shankar, Birgit Weller and Katrin Hinz.