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Devraj Bhadra: Diploma Project in Germany

After my research exchange program at HsH, Hannover from August 2011 to March
2012 based on my experience in Germany, I decided to try and find a
design Diploma project for my final year in the Master’s Degree
Programme at National Institute of Design, India. I therefore decided
to take some advice from my mentor in HsH, Prof. Birgit Weller and
with her guidance I was lucky to have a Diploma project contract with
a very large seat manufacturing firm, ISRINGHAUSEN GmbH from June -
October 2012.

Devraj Bhadra at ISRI

The project brief was to design a bus passenger seat family for the
year 2020. The theme or the design direction for this was :
Semi-transparent design with Dynamic body support systems. This meant
to show the structure and design to the users in the right amount and
create a brand new ergonomic design concept. Unfortunately it is not
allowed to share the details of the concept online because of
copyright and design patent but I can proudly say that I have had an
amaying experience of the professional environment and also about how
a design flows from the computer to reality. Besides design another
thing I learnt was communication in an office environment which is
very important if you want your design to be supported.

I plan to mix this wide range of design and work experience from India
and Germany, whichI have been fortunate to recieve and see how I can
design my future. Thank you India and thank you Germany.

(actually, thank you Birgit Weller ONLY…the only reason for everything) :)
Devraj Bhadra


A big number! 2012 – 12 scholarships for german and indian students and graduates

Welcome! Since september four indian design students Sandesh Dasharath Gavade, Srikanth Varma Penumatcha, Shreya Chakravarty and Rajesh Sriram from NID are studying at Hochschule Hanover. All of them are staying six month in Germany. We are happy and looking forward to welcome Harshita Kulkarni and Rahul B too. Both of them are indian graduates and they will stay in Berlin at HTW for two months.
The four german design students: Olga Graf, Robert Wyszka, Daniela Kuehnle and Julia Schack and the graduates Daniela Gellner and Alexander Gellner are staying in this time in India. We want to send congratulations to all for the scholarship from the DAAD - New Passage to India.
The german and indian students are studying and researching in Germany or India and will work with Ravi Shankar, Birgit Weller, Katrin Hinz, Katarina Krämer and Marie Kuprat on the research project. All of them are part of the DAAD supported research project with the topic “Universal Design Thinking”.