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Devraj Bhadra: 6 month + 6 month in Germany :-)

After my experience in Germany for 6 Months studying Produktdesign in HsH, Hannover and working on a project with Deutsche Bahn, I was really attracted to the flow of design in Germany and the enthusiasm with which design is considered. Besides my work experience, I also had a lot of time to see and realise how much design is there all around the cities everywhere in Germany and other countries in Europe. Being from India, I had a golden chance to mix my culture with Germany’s culture and design in my own mixed language. With all the experience and exposure, I had a chance to work with a German company, ISRINGHAUSEN, in the design team for a 6 month Praktikum for designing a public transport bus passenger seat. This was all possible because of the exchange and research program Universal Design and because of getting exposed to the design thinking of my design professor in HsH, Prof. Birgit Weller. Thanks Mr. Wagener – Manager Design and Styling ISRI – too

Thank you Germany!

Devraj Bahdra, Isringhausen, Karl-Heinz Wagener, Birgit Weller, Universal Design Thinking, Design Thinking


Cross-cultural topic: Gender Codes

Weller, Krämer Du Tarzan Ich Jane, You Tarzan Me Jane, Gender Codes

Weller, Krämer, Du Tarzan Ich Jane, You Tarzan Me Jane, Gender Codes

In everyday experience, do we really have to make that decision whether we are ›Tarzan‹ or ›Jane‹? This book, filled with findings from a gender coded world, helps to answer these questions.

The usage of stereotypes and Gender Codes in design and merchandising of products seems to be a secret recipe for success of businesses.

The comparison of ›findings‹ – objects of our daily life – demonstrates some aspects of Gender Design. The gendered assignment of objects is often surprising and legible on different features.

The coded objects are completed with examples that spare any Gender Coding and differentiate by function, ergonomics or preferences of utilization.

Product descriptions and press releases of manufactures or sales & distribution are complementing the ›findings‹. Some objects are additionally presented as they are shown in advertisement or on promotional websites.

Quotations on terms such as Gender, Gender Codes, Diversity etc. present a general overview of gender relevant terms.

The collection was compiled as part of the research project »Gender-specific design of products and usage concepts« by the Hochschule Hannover and the Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft Berlin and seeks to illustrate in a vivid fashion the category of gender and the classification of gender in design.

Birgit Weller, Katharina Krämer
You Tarzan Me Jane
Du Tarzan Ich Jane
July 2012, Blumhardt Verlag
300 Sites
ISBN: 978-3-932011-85-6