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Experiences abroad


Siddharth Dasari, Malvika Sainath, Vijayendra Jadhavrao and Devraj Bhadra from NID studied six month at Hochschule Hannover. The DAAD provided scholarships to support the students. Last week they presented to Prof. Birgit Weller the work they did the last six month in Germany. She was pleased about the multifarious results. All of them have discribed there expiriences…

Siddharth Dasari, Graphic Design – I came to Germany with a lot of hope, to learn, to explore, to make new friends, to see a totally different culture and to also find out if we were in fact similar to each other. The experience opened me up to a world of possibilities, to a world where each and every person’s need is listened to and taken care of, to a world where design is given respect, importance and where you actually get to see the results, in public transport, urban spaces, general daily living etc. It is extremely important for young designers like us to be exposed to this wide range of opportunities, because India right now is on the fast track to growth, and design is slowly finding its place and importance. It is essential to know how people’s lives are made easier with simple design interventions.Germany was indeed a new world. A new possibility.

Malvika Sainath, Product Design – I am really grateful for this opportunity to study at Hochschule Hannover as it has given me the chance to explore a completely new scenario of design and culture. It has provided me with a number of new and exciting experiences. The change in context has enriched my perspective. It has been a valuable learning experience to interact with a variety of people and share thoughts and ideas on this platform.

Vijayendra Jadhavrao, Transportation and Automobile Design – Exchange program at Hochschule Hannover was all about learning a foreign culture and language, making new friends, creating new experiences and learning out of these experiences. Most importantly, it was all about getting inspired by exposing yourself to an environment with a rich material culture and values. The consideration for the need of each individual is reflected through design which is highly commendable.

Devraj Bhadra, Furniture and Interior Design – The professional attitude of people and the attention to detailing were very inspiring for me. Overall it was a unique learning experience to obtain a mix between Indo-German values through design


Congratulations to Siddharth Dasari, Silvia Recalcati and Giulia Peretti


Siddharth Dasari from NID is exchange-student at Hochschule Hannover. The work is a great visualization to the topic Universal Design Thinking.

„On December 3-4, students from 12 universities gathered for the Visualizing Marathon 2011: Berlin. Held at the Urania Berlin, this was the last event of the Visualizing Marathon 2011 program, which engaged students in data visualization competitions throughout the world. Students were challenged to visualize the impact of demographic shifts on Germany’s economy and healthcare system. With the country’s population expected to contract by 20% in the next 50 years, the European economy in crisis and government spending under scrutiny, students were tackling a critical issue — a point that Greg Farrett of GE emphasized during his welcome to the students. Expert designers Moritz Stefaner and Gregor Aisch offered students valuable tips and techniques during their workshops and answered questions after participants had the opportunity to delve into the data. Over the course of 24 hours, the teams of students took their projects from concept to sketch to finished visualization.

Congratulations to Siddharth Dasari, Silvia Recalcati and Giulia Peretti for their winning visualization, The Grand Aging Debate. Jurors praised the project’s sophisticated grasp of the topic and its polished presentation. As an overall image, it succeeds in immediately conveying the sense of an impending societal problem, and on closer inspection many details emerge to bolster the analysis.”