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student exchange 2010/2011

We are very happy to welcome Khanna Surbhi, Manayath Vadakhayil, Sanjee Gupte Anup and Thomas Davidson Jacob from NID.

In a few days four students from FHH will arrive India for a six month stay at NID. Congratulations to Nona Schmitt, Frank Förster, Christian Uterhark and Henrik Holkenbrink.

All of them receive a scholarship from DAAD. They will exchange experience in the field of design and the understandig about universal design. They spend 6 month in Germany or India.


welcome Peter Alwin and Deepak Singh

Congratulations to Peter Alwin and Deepak Singh for the scholarship from the DAAD - New Passage to India. Both of them are graduate at NID and will work with Katarina Krämer, Marie Kuprat and Birgit Weller on the research project: Universal Design Thinking. They will stay for two month at the department product design in Hanover.