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Counting days…

Hello dear Indian friends,

the preparations are running! I am very looking forward to meet you all and I hope we will have a lot of time to exchange, discuss and to get to know each other. I myself never left Europe before, never travelled so far. Maybe this will be the most exciting journey ever. I hope so :) I am looking forward for all the new impressions. Counting days is almost the only last thing to do…




Germany, a week ago

Dear all,
I wish altogether a pleasant, prosperous, powerfull and positive workshop.
We look forward to meet you a week today!
Take care, all the best to you. BirgitGermany in winter


He guys!

Hi this is Matthias, oh I see Martha was already here.

I just want to say hello to all of you who are already reading the blog. There are still some days left before we start our (I hope not so long) trip to India. I’ m looking forward  to meet  you all and  staying the days at NID. I m excited about the trip, the workshop, the city and everything…

So what’s left to say. I hope we have a great time together. See you in a couple of days.

Greetings from Hannover!


greetings to NID students

Hi everybody,

there are only 10 days left until we leave germany for our journey to india.

I´m looking forward to meet you all and I am very excited to get to know the country and the “indian way of life” :)

Greetings from Hannover,



Who’s who?

In a few days the german delegation will arrive at the campus. We remember the difficulties in getting in touch and at first understand each name. Just to train for you, the students names:
Martha Frieler, Cira Evers, Mathias Lauche, Akos Fodor, Phillip Dorn, Kristian Groth, Ruben Rivas. It’s now up to you to speculate who is female and who is male. ;-)

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Tim is finished, Germans are comin’

In 2007 a group of german students has been in India for a project at the NID. Two of them - Tim and Ramon - have now finished their studies with an excellent diploma.
A new group of german students and their Professors Birgit Weller and Gunnar Spellmeyer are visiting the NID again: from March 5th they will work together on an actual design topic.

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