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summers in india!

(summer festival in hasurchpur,a village)-(celebrated by women)

hi all,

we here are through  with our 1st year of product design.

most of us are back home..

its great fun being at home n with family.

have shared lot of  the semester memories with my family and friends!

all were very pleased to know about you guys! n photoes added fun!

hope you all are having great time there…




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Dear Gunnar!

I got your mail and I will send the CD of all the presentations as soon as possible. We are having vacations now, and I have some of the presenations with me. I’ll collect all of them and send you a CD immediately.


Hi all!!! Long time!

Hey people. We are having our vacations right now but I am on campus right now.

In the previous semester, we had our design projects, which we have to continue ahead. Also, in the first week of June, we are going to a place called Kolhapur. There we are headed for Craft documenation….or I shall actually be saying Resource documentation.

Will be able to tell more about it in the next posts….

A big HI!!!!! to all…..Gunnar, Lucy, Alina, Tim, Chris, Tino, Andreas, Julia and Ramon!!!


- Aditya

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Geccos in cages - or in bathrooms

It is now just one month ago since we’ve left India. The indian geccos used to visit our bathrooms and in Germany people like to have these animals and other reptiles in terrariums. A quite unusual field to design and a reason to think about these products with two total different groups of users: animals and humans.
Tino Röger has won the 3rd price in this design award, his friends Alexander Meinke (2nd) and Hannes Schulze (1st) convinced the critical jury aswell.

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With the return to Germany, we’ve had a sucessfull exhibition in Berlin to manage. More than 900 visitors in 10 days and a busy finissage are showing the big public interest in young designers ideas.