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finishing of a project

Last friday we had our presentation for the semester project. It was a good and successful project. we learned a lot and start with the following project right now. many greetings to our friends at the NID…


Following the process

Hey friends,

its almost been a week since u guys have gone..Here we are all busy with our Simple Product Design course..a week left for the final Presentation(the JURY).

All of us are working on different topics.

i’m working on a NOODLE SPOON..Its nice to follow the same process that we learned together in that week.Taking right  desicions at right time,Working on details.Though due to lack of time we missed on the process of making a prototype(or a mock-up model).

The course that we had together gave a confidence to complete a project in limited time.

There’s a lot to share but a lot of work left to be done…i’ll write as soon as i get time…



The first german food

the first german food

hello friends,

thank you for the very nice time in the nid. I will never forget the time in india and the impressions of your cultur, your life, the great team-work and talking to you.
I hope we will see you again here in germany this year.
We enjoyed our time in Delhi as well and we took many impressions back to germany.

Arriving in Frankfurt we got hungry and were glad to find some real german food which was really great.

I wish all of you a great time and a lot of fun throughout your studies. I hope the blog can be a good connection between us for the future.

many greetings from Hannover


cross the border


Now there’s time to think about several things are not beeing answered: one of the things that really matters to me: How’s the relationship between religion and culture in India? Is it really so close together as I have seen and felt it? During the heritage walk in Ahmedabad I was stunned about the fact that apparently there exists no borderlines. This was another valueable experience.


Goodbye India

hello friends!

It´s good to be home, but I will still missing the indian people, the hot weather and the indian tea! Thank you for the ten days in the NID. It was a beautiful time, we had a lot fun with you guys and made new experiences about your country and your culture. Now our journey ist over and the weekday starts. So we have to do our daily work.
I hope in one day you can see the german way of life. I am sure it will be very interesting for you.

Have a nice day



hi there!

hey ppl how r u there!!!!

Sorry cud’nt write in the blog due business in academic works as semester end is near.howz prof. Gunnar and Alina.We r having simple product design as last project.Tim,Ramon,Chris,little Julia,Andreas and Tino.We all miss u ppl.


shweta chaudhary


back to germany

Yes, we all are home again n boring Germany. And I hope to see you next time here in Germany. You all gave us a lot of experiences about indian life and design. I would be glad to give you all theese things back.



Back again


We left Delhi at 4 am and after a pleasent flight incl. a smooth landing (even Julia said so) we safely arrived Frankfurt and via ICE finally Hanover yesterday in the late afternoon.
How does Germany looks like after the impressing and exciting experiences in India? To be honest: boring! No horns are blowing, people are ignoring us, it is cloudy and having currently 8 degrees it’s definitly too cold for everything.
Thanx again to all indian and german students - you were working very hard and serious on the project and your efforts were a success. Apard from this I find the stay at NID delightful not at least because of your kindness and your professionalism. Looking back on the last two weeks in India I have seen many things I haven’t considered possible and find this country full of extremes. And as opposites attract, I’ve left a peace of me in india.

Hope to see you all again - please carry on with blogging.


first thought

reflecting ideas

this is the first thought coming to my mind arriving in germany:
india is red-brown
germany is blue-grey

again: thanks to all of you! i have had a fantastic time in india just because of you:
aditya, krishna, mekhala, shweta, shweta, srikar, sunil and varzir
my brother just asked me about the best thing in india. i answered: “the students in nid”. that’s truly what comes to my mind when thinking of india. thank you friends!
i will never forget you! let’s keep in touch!

thanks to prof. pradyumna, gunnar and lucy, the nid and the fhh for making all of this possible. i’ve never made this much experiences and impressions in such a short period of time. it is amazing for a young guy - like me - getting the chance to understand the world and the world of design better and better.

thanks to gunnar and lucy for sharing even private thoughts and experiences about your life as a designer! i don’t know why or how but that helped a lot!




Good evening

Today was our return journey to Germany. We are punctual all and heal arrived…fortunately!

India, was a spectacular experience. New information, experiences and mad seeing priorities,which one does not forget so fast.

… for today I will say good-bye, I am very broken and tired because of the flight.

I wish you all further, beautiful days,
love greet, Alina

HP: Dear indian students, please mad nature and the super animals greets, of me!



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