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students way of concentration, Part 2


the indian way …


students way of concentration, Part 1

Indian Music

it’s worldwide the same I think … why not.



all you need is a fan and a soft ball :P
fun is guaranteed!



Ply-Split Braiding

“In Loving Memory of the Beloved Father of the Nation Mahatma Gandhi who sacrificed his life for the sake of the poor innocent weavers of India of whom were my late parents Yengaldas Narasimham (Textile Technologist) and Bhageerathi Bai” of Hyderabad, India.
I am Graphic Designer, born in Hyderabad on 21st December 1958, into the weaver’s community. My interest in the area of Textiles is from my childhood; graduated in Fine Arts with Applied Arts from Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University (JNTU) Hyderabad, in 1985 and Master of Design in Visual Communication from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay in 1987; I have over 17 years of experience in teaching, designing and practicing; I have worked for four Universities; presently working as faculty member in Sri Venkateshwara College of Fine Arts, Osmania University, Hyderabad.
I worked as a faculty member in Visual Communication in the National Institute of Design (NID) in 1990-91. During my stay at NID, I was inspired by highly patient and dedicated friend Mr. Erroll Pires Nelson (Ply-Split Gallery 7) working on Ply-Split Braiding. I am grateful to him, since then I have started research into the techniques of Ply-Split Braiding and presently I am concentrating on various products; fashion accessories, garments, bags, belts, footwear tops, for interiors and furniture etc.
Comments on Ply-Splitting:
Playing with Ply’s is like playing with a child - I move cords, cords move me, I learn and express in this move - I hope you enjoy seeing them.
I am interested in teaching and discussion, your comments are appreciated, I can be contacted by e-mail.


tea for free.

I like india. indians are just to kind. i`m having a good time here. thank you guys!


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back again

Most of us are better now - not really fit, but work has to be finished!



41 Grad

… and the work is going on!


any questions?


still working

the projekt is still going on…
in cool air-conditioned rooms…
…and in the heat of the night:-)


lost and found!!!!yeah….

lost and found!!!


step in to next process

now the ideas were fixed. yesterday after good teamwork with the indian students we had our presentation.
Today we´ll go on to work on and specify our ideas.

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