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dsc060853After the hard work with our buddies at NID, we got the chance to charge some new engergy. After a long trip by bus we reached at Rishikesh, a very spiritual place, even The Beatles stayed there for a while. Close to the holy Ganges we could take a breake and reflect our experiences. We used this place for physical and mental refreshing.


Final day.

I am not going to write anything about the wonderful experiences with the team. Neither I’ll write about the zeal we felt while working out our ideas on table or in the lawn. So here is the Concept I displayed on the final day. And truly speaking I am still not satisfied. While Developing this Idea, I took insights from real life examples like memorizing things by color association, drawing attention towards “special” looking things, Modularity, Intuitiveness, Flexibility etc. etc. etc. and etc.


The one aspect still to be worked out is “forgiveness”. what if I take the same tablet twice? what if I forget to refill it? what if the name on it gets erased and I cannot recall it? why should I take pain to rip off all the tablets from the airtight foils and keep them in tiny boxes? To me this concept is just a starting point. There is still a lot more to be done and the constraints are tough. How a simple piece of plastic can meet such big challenges? plus it has to be cheap enough to replace the packaging.

safe journey everyone. ;)

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Holi brings joy and bridges the gaps…




The real enlightenment on ‘Universal Design’ happened in my head when I saw everyone playing holi. That was surprising to see that the way German students playing holi was ‘the real way’ of playing Indian holi. They learnt so fast and so quickly that the design of holi proved to be ‘universal’ to the foreign cultures because of its intuitive nature.

For me the whole workshop till now was not something new, because any good design will cover the criteria for universal design. So I thought about the universal way of designing as a obvious criteria for a good design. And I was puzzled about the difference between just making a good design and giving special attention to the criteria of ‘universal design’. But by the end of a day by the end of the day I’ve realized that there is a difference. This is like the difference between just breathing and meditation (conscious breathing). Just breathing keeps you alive but the meditation adds in to the value of the life. Hence universal design becomes more important to improve the quality of life to make it easier  and simpler.

Enough of philosophy, but finally I am very happy with the products that we are coming up with which are the precision grip friendly hand gloves, the universal drinking vessel/glass and lot many other ideas which may remain in our idea bank to further develop them whenever we need.


Rahul RD




And then we jumped with joy in the BACK FIELD NID.



Wonderful Night Meal

After a lazzy Long day in the room yesterday We had a Refresher Dinner in the real Ahmedabadi Way!

Enjoyed it!tt



Rahul enjoys the brainstorming technique “635″


Counting days…

Hello dear Indian friends,

the preparations are running! I am very looking forward to meet you all and I hope we will have a lot of time to exchange, discuss and to get to know each other. I myself never left Europe before, never travelled so far. Maybe this will be the most exciting journey ever. I hope so :) I am looking forward for all the new impressions. Counting days is almost the only last thing to do…