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First experiences with Metal Rapid Prototyping by Indo German Tool Room (IGTR)

The basic form is adopted from the natural form. In this case, designer adopted the form of scorpion for his product. The recommended material or this product is Stainless steel. Because this product required high strength along with high corrosion resistance properties, as this product will be touch of water and humid atmosphere. Making a mockup prototype with conventional machining was an option but the shape was the limitation in this particular project. Thus, we decided to go for rapid prototyping.

Now in India, Institutions like NID, IIT has RPT facilities and Industry also offers serviced in this area. But nobody has In-house Metal Rapid prototyping services . This process is introduced by Indo German Tool Room (IGTR), Ahmadabad in India. Since Franklin Kristi, who is voluntarily involved in design detailing process studied from IGTR and currently working with NID has taken up this project further for metal prototyping. Even IGTR has not done any commercial/research based work on this machine, and they were also curious to take this project as start up event. Hence, this was the first project of metal RP in its kind, we faced lots of difficulties from the initial stage. We had to convert the 3D model in to various formats to stick to our dimensional parameters. During the conversion the model deformed (see fig 1.0). This requires some more work on 3D model.

We tried making the first RPT, which unfortunately scaled down automatically by 50% by the machine. The componene required 110 mm length and the output component was not having length more then 55mm.

After the first attempt we went for the other try and this time we got the better output. Still we are not satisfied with the surface finish, IGTR also assured us to make one more prototype of same design once they work out the technical difficulties resolved. Please see the images of final prototype in process.


Tim Krahmer, Student Designer; Exchange Program Universal Design Thinking NID–HH; University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Hannover- Germany
Franklin Kristi, Technical Consultancy from NID
Ketan Panchal, Prototyping Process-IGTR
Rapid Prototyping Machine: Concept Laser, laserCUSING® , Germany