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German Indian Friendships

It is some time ago, that we went to India, to take part at the universal design workshop in 2009 at NID, Ahmedabad.
This was a great experience - Furthermore we had the chance to meet some wonderful people.
Luckily we had the chance to come back to India again, to study at NID for half a year.
Most of our former friends were still there and helped us to get access to the unkown way of life and structures in India. Without them it would have not been so easy for us to live in the Orient.
Some of these people also got the opportunity to come to study in Germany in 2010, some not.
But one followed our invitation and made the long way to Germany and stayed with us from December 2009 to January 2011.
It was a great experience for us to meet him again - somebody who never stood in the snow in his life before and we hope, it was also a great experience for him, too :-)
During the stay, we to showed him around in in northern Germany and let him be a part of our lives here.
We choosed some of the pictures we made over these 3 weeks, just to show how important this friendship is for us. We enjoyed the time with our indian visitor and of course we hope to see him again soon.


Things i have done last months at NID

In this post I am giving you an overview of all the classes, workshops and experiences I made during my exchange program at NID.
I had the chance to take a look into different disciplines: Product Design, Textile Design, Glass and Ceramics and also workshops. It was also a very good chance for me to learn all the handcrafts, which are mostly not common in Germany. I am very happy that I took along a lot of nice experiences with me and also knowledge out of specific fields.

All the informations of the different work you´ll find as a description under the single pictures.



Shortly before the jury on 18th of March

: We had to prepare the boardroom. Some impressions of the arrangements. The jury was 2 days before we had to go back to Germany, so we had some time left to spend it with our friends and of course in the heat. We knew that is gonna be cold in Germany.


Eshitas Wedding

Last weekend we were invited in Delhi to the wedding of  Eshita & Mukul. We went there for two days with Abhijeet and Nareen.

It was very interesting to see, how a typical Indian wedding in Delhi could be. All the ceremonies are very different than in Germany. And it takes some time until you are married. Eshita looked so beautiful in her wedding dress.

It was an amazing and wonderful evening. I think, now it is Eshitas turn to come to Germany for a typical wedding.


Convocation Week, Exhibition

Last week was a big exhibition on the campus at NID.  Everybody could see the work what the students have done during the year. Those, who convocated this year showed their work on special displays.

We also had the chance to present our university. The foreigners got their own place to exhibit.  We built  frame cubes of metal in which we put one poster for each university. We also showed the work we did during our time at NID.

The people were very interested and  came to see how the Design-Work  is going in other countries.

All in all it was a great week with a lot of experiences and it was interesting to see the “Indian Design”.


Convocation Week

Last week was the convocation week. All of us had the possibility to see the whole event on the backfields. It was very interesting to see all the monologues live. I still  have the beatiful picture in my mind when all the students who convocated came in an alignment in their special dresses over the field and the sunset in the back.



Prepairing convocation week.


Colourful days


Today I learned many different techniques in weaving.

Its very difficult to choose one of all the nice colours they have in the workshop.

Now you can see some of these effects.


Fabric Structure “Weaving”

Today we started our first course in Textile Design. We are learning the weaving methods step by step. It takes a long time and you need elevated concentration. But we have fun in this work and we`re looking forward to our first woven lines tomorrow.



knotting with errol

Still knotting every morning at 8:00 with Errol.

Special thanks to Lalu for the good morning chai tea!!!


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