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Pravinsinh K. Solanki from NID India at HTW Industrial Design Berlin

Pravinsinh K. Solanki from the NID India teaches at the HTW Industrial Design. This is supported by the DAAD program „New Passage to India” with the „Universal Design Thinking” project (The project is led by Katrin Hinz and Birgit Weller.)

My First Impression of HTW Berlin, Germany.

Indeed it’s very impressive.
First glance at the architecture of the building (HTW) and the lush yellow green plantations gives a grandness in the space. It gives a feeling to start learning design one more time. The building is so inspiring and a perfect quite environment to study design. Also there is a very good fusion between the new contemporary architecture with the old buildings. It was very pleasant to see students from all over the world with different culture working under multidisciplinary HTW campus.

My audio guide visit to the campus buildings gave me the insight of the history of the buildings and the setup of the industrial area. During my walk through the campus, I discovered so many different industrial companies working on very creative works. Automobile, cable, boat making, yatch designing, event and set designing and many more industrial companies are located inside. . I really enjoyed a small store where student’s designed works are on sale. There is a special information area to guide students and assist them placements.

Mensa – the eating place for students and professors is mind blowing. You are very close to a water body and one can feel relaxed to think for new creative and innovative ideas. The place is very huge, hygienic, organized and very relaxing for the students. Food is awesome and a lot of variety to make a choice for lunch or breakfast.

Environment of the HTW campus is very friendly and found professor approachable. Students are very creative, skilled and have an urge to learn design. Classrooms are well equipped with technology and are really smart classrooms for learning. The industrial surroundings serve students as a very strong reference for material, finishes and new technology for the production. The in house student workshop nurtures the skill of the students and turns their ideas to prototype.

I Found everybody very professional and focus on work. Prof. Birgit Weller and Prof. Katrin Hinz were very helpful guiding me for everything and I’m very thankful to them.

It’s a perfect learning place for students very close to nature where they can THINK, Design and CREATE.

Prof. Pravinsinh K. Solanki.
Coordinator Furniture and Interior Design,
Coordinator Centre for Bamboo Initiatives,
National Institute of Design (NID), Paldi, Ahmedabad, India.


Exchange & Experiences


Industrial Design Students HTW

Industrial Design Students HTW

A lot of time has passed by, but since october four design students from the NID are studying in Germany at the HTW Berlin for six months. We welcome Vaishali Rajurkar, Krishan Jagota, Vivek Kattela and Samuel Pushpak and are looking forward to your experiences gathered in your projects and your time in Germany. During the same period Janniná Kluge, Christina Hofmann, Tony Pilz and Nick Oelschlägel will study at the NID in India. Congratulations for the DAAD schoolarship - New passage to India! We await to hear from your experiences in this exceptional and diverse country. The indian and german design students will also work on different research topics about “Universal Design Thinking” and will be supported by Ravi Shankar, Birgit Weller and Katrin Hinz.


In India Again

It has been a long time since I have posted in this blog the last time. 2009 – I was one of the first exchange students and scholarship holder from New Passage to India. What a great time at NID!
Now – being in India again, I am taking the opportunity of quickly posting my purpose of stay here in Pune.

Currently, I am following my Masters studies in Automotive Design at TU Delft, the Netherlands. Since this is my final semester, I was searching for a great opportunity of pursuing my Thesis project under guidance of an automotive company in the Indian context. I am very happy to join the global company Tata Motors Ltd. in Pune for 6-8 month. Getting the chance of working for Tata Motors will hopefully provide me a comprehensive understanding of the automotive design process. It will give me an insight in how the Indian companies are structured and how the work culture is defined. It will be of great value in terms of gathering knowledge in Indian transportation and networking.

During several stays in India before, it became visible to me that India’s identity is getting diluted due to western products that are launched in the Indian market. Designers are responsible for providing modern and high-tech solutions based on a strong Indian identity. I believe that the socio– cultural context and the people are the two most important factors that should be taken into consideration in order to design meaningful products suiting the context. For mentioned reasons, I want to embed the Indian identity in my design proposal for the vehicle I have to design for Tata Motors.

My first weeks went very exciting. Working in an Indian company is structured differently compared to German companies. I am very looking forward to the coming months.

Kristian Groth


natural dyeing

indigo vats

Julia Schack


Skatebording in India? And what means Judaad?

With simple tools and professional Robert and his team build a wall! Read and see more from Robert Wyszka on the blog.


A morning with the fishers


Universal Design

One of the short term courses at the HS Hannover was a live project that was titled MIN+ DIN based on the Universal Design theme. The course was research plus concept based, for solving various problems for a small city called Minden, that is of great importance in the history of Germany.

The course allowed me to understand the nuances of German needs and problems at a very basic level. I was able to understand things about Universal Design a lot better and apply my understanding as well. Looking at details and problem solving based on immediate needs was something that I learnt very well.

There was also a certain connect that I was able to draw with regard to Universal Design and the current research topic that I am looking at.

The course culminated with an exhibition of our solutions for the town. The project was well taken by the town residents.

I hope to be able to apply the learning to my research project.


Daniela & Alexander Gellner in India


We are alumni of the “University of Applied Sciences Berlin” and were granted a two months post grad scolarship by the DAAD to further the german indian cultural and design collaboration. A narrower focus of our researches will be given to the field of universal design thinking. Prof. Katrin Hinz and Prof Birgit Weller in Berlin are actively furthering the development of this important deisgn topic. Here is a link to the UDT research website.

Daniela Gellner’s diploma project was the development and execution of Die Diagonale - a conference for interdisciplinary creative collaboration. In this conference, the focus too was Universal Design Thinking. The great success and insights gained in this endeavor made her a fitting graduate for this exchange project. Before finishing her diploma, Daniela also studied Design Thinking at the Hasso Platner Institute and took a project management course to complement her studies in Communication Design.
She is working as an Experience Designer in Germany - her latest project being “Die Fellbacher Planungsagenten” - A project to involve school children and young adults in city planning processes. This research project was founded by the “Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt-, und Raumforschung”. For more information, please visit this website.

I also gained a diploma in Communication Design and early on, I focussed on animation and illustration. Since 2005 I have been working as a freelance artist and animation director, making Web and TV-commercials (Deutsche Bahn, Allianz Insurance, Pombär), musicvideos (Ich+Ich, SDP&Sido, WiseGuys), award winning short films (One Minute Puberty, Akte Yps). As I refined my craft, I got to work as a senior animator on the new feature film for acclaimed director Ari Folman (Waltz with Bashir). in 2011, I founded bitteschö, a studio for design and animation work. My other big passion are comic books and I always have tried to have at least one comic project on the side, of course reading everything I can get my hands on. I am an avid sketcher and pretty much never go anywhere without my sketchbook. I believe that constantly observing and practising storytelling is the most important habit for a storyteller, but really for every designer. I was invited to give a comic and storyboard workshop at the NID Bangalore to students and I am looking forward to working with those young students!

Daniela and I will do our best to spend the limited time we have on this exciting trip to gain insights and new ways of thinking and finally give something back to our communities.


Have to read too!

If you want an impression about the intensive experiences from Olga Graf and Robert Wyszka in India follow this blog.


Design Diaries

The first hand experience in Germany had been wonderful. Two months exactly, and there is a lot of learning and unlearning happening.As I experience Everyday Germany, I write about my observations and learnings through The Design Diaries.

My Research Project courtesy DAAD and Brigit Weller will like to talk about differences and similarities at various levels and the India-Germany comparison, with respect to Universal Design Thinking.

Shreya Chakravarty


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