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Here are some impressions from us exchange students experiencing the first weeks in Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar and at the NID grounds and students.

We say thank you to all the students and NID employes that helped us, especialy: Abhijita, Vikram, Abhijeet and Snehal
and from Film and Video Avishek and Gourab.

If you’ll take a look at the pictures, you’ll see us at the NID, with students at the Gandhiashram and celebrating Garba at the nighty green grass at the NID campus and visiting the workshops.

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First Impressions of India

Since we arrived our minds and senses were pushed through the streets by the impressions forced on us. Everything appears louder, warmer and more vivid. All places are full of moving people, honking rickshaws and stuffed shops. Quite a lot of people stare at you till they realize that you look back, than the wild stare turns into a warm smile. Some people even want to shake hands and want to be photographed with us. This makes you feel different, but it still feels people appreciate you in their country. From this public life on the street you enter the Gates of the NID and it feels like an quiet island in middle of the vibrant megacity Ahmedabad.
It´s a tidy place surrounded by palms and banana trees. People sitting around, thinking, working and having conversations while drinking chai in the shade. It is a different atmosphere. The students try to get in touch with you, having some nice chats at the chai-place. They recognize you as a new student rather than a foreigner and try to get to know your personality. Although you are from different countries with different cultural backgrounds you feel a connection to each other  based on what you think and study. This makes the NID feel like home from the first day.

Pictures and news about our trip around India will follow.


student exchange 2010/2011

We are very happy to welcome Khanna Surbhi, Manayath Vadakhayil, Sanjee Gupte Anup and Thomas Davidson Jacob from NID.

In a few days four students from FHH will arrive India for a six month stay at NID. Congratulations to Nona Schmitt, Frank Förster, Christian Uterhark and Henrik Holkenbrink.

All of them receive a scholarship from DAAD. They will exchange experience in the field of design and the understandig about universal design. They spend 6 month in Germany or India.


welcome Peter Alwin and Deepak Singh

Congratulations to Peter Alwin and Deepak Singh for the scholarship from the DAAD - New Passage to India. Both of them are graduate at NID and will work with Katarina Krämer, Marie Kuprat and Birgit Weller on the research project: Universal Design Thinking. They will stay for two month at the department product design in Hanover.


Things i have done last months at NID

In this post I am giving you an overview of all the classes, workshops and experiences I made during my exchange program at NID.
I had the chance to take a look into different disciplines: Product Design, Textile Design, Glass and Ceramics and also workshops. It was also a very good chance for me to learn all the handcrafts, which are mostly not common in Germany. I am very happy that I took along a lot of nice experiences with me and also knowledge out of specific fields.

All the informations of the different work you´ll find as a description under the single pictures.


my jury presentation

The following pictures shall show all the different things that I was able to do during my stay at the NID. I had the chance to take a look in different departments of Design. This was a great experience for me and it was good to see what other people are doing in their subjects. I had a lot of fun doing all these things.



Shortly before the jury on 18th of March

: We had to prepare the boardroom. Some impressions of the arrangements. The jury was 2 days before we had to go back to Germany, so we had some time left to spend it with our friends and of course in the heat. We knew that is gonna be cold in Germany.



Sebastian Pilzner (use-id) designed the new logo german-indian-design.

Within the next weeks we will change this blog with a new design.



teacher exchange

Marie Kuprat and Katharina Krämer stay now at NID for two months. Both of them work with Birgit Weller on the research project ”Adaptive Solutions in Universal Design”. They will report on the latest development of the project and coach a student project as young teachers on NID. They take a part in the project: „simple products” with Praveen Nahar.