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In India Again

It has been a long time since I have posted in this blog the last time. 2009 – I was one of the first exchange students and scholarship holder from New Passage to India. What a great time at NID!
Now – being in India again, I am taking the opportunity of quickly posting my purpose of stay here in Pune.

Currently, I am following my Masters studies in Automotive Design at TU Delft, the Netherlands. Since this is my final semester, I was searching for a great opportunity of pursuing my Thesis project under guidance of an automotive company in the Indian context. I am very happy to join the global company Tata Motors Ltd. in Pune for 6-8 month. Getting the chance of working for Tata Motors will hopefully provide me a comprehensive understanding of the automotive design process. It will give me an insight in how the Indian companies are structured and how the work culture is defined. It will be of great value in terms of gathering knowledge in Indian transportation and networking.

During several stays in India before, it became visible to me that India’s identity is getting diluted due to western products that are launched in the Indian market. Designers are responsible for providing modern and high-tech solutions based on a strong Indian identity. I believe that the socio– cultural context and the people are the two most important factors that should be taken into consideration in order to design meaningful products suiting the context. For mentioned reasons, I want to embed the Indian identity in my design proposal for the vehicle I have to design for Tata Motors.

My first weeks went very exciting. Working in an Indian company is structured differently compared to German companies. I am very looking forward to the coming months.

Kristian Groth


Eshitas Wedding

Last weekend we were invited in Delhi to the wedding of  Eshita & Mukul. We went there for two days with Abhijeet and Nareen.

It was very interesting to see, how a typical Indian wedding in Delhi could be. All the ceremonies are very different than in Germany. And it takes some time until you are married. Eshita looked so beautiful in her wedding dress.

It was an amazing and wonderful evening. I think, now it is Eshitas turn to come to Germany for a typical wedding.


GSRTC bus project, convocation week

During convocation week every NID’s discipline displayed their work of the past semester. As one part of Transportation Design we got an “ordinary bus” from GSRTC to the campus at the entrance of the design street as our showroom. While explaining our project we could be doing studies, discussing issues and research about public transportation on buses with the help of any visiters, parents of convocated students and faculties. So, as a part of participatory approach we could be conducting various user groups to share their experiences while travelling on buses. Any people were invited to make any helpful suggestions, proposals and issues by using post-it’s inside and outside the bus and talk to the designers Kristian Groth, Sanjay Urikoth and Imlisashi Aier. Discussing on any issues with our team were welcomed. The manager of the busbuilding manufacture came to visit us in our showroom. On the 8th of December you could read an article about our GSRTC bus project in “The Times of India”.


Convocation Week, Exhibition

Last week was a big exhibition on the campus at NID.  Everybody could see the work what the students have done during the year. Those, who convocated this year showed their work on special displays.

We also had the chance to present our university. The foreigners got their own place to exhibit.  We built  frame cubes of metal in which we put one poster for each university. We also showed the work we did during our time at NID.

The people were very interested and  came to see how the Design-Work  is going in other countries.

All in all it was a great week with a lot of experiences and it was interesting to see the “Indian Design”.


Convocation Week

Last week was the convocation week. All of us had the possibility to see the whole event on the backfields. It was very interesting to see all the monologues live. I still  have the beatiful picture in my mind when all the students who convocated came in an alignment in their special dresses over the field and the sunset in the back.



Prepairing convocation week.


GSRTC Bus Project

in a group of three students we are working on a project for GSRTC, the local government bus bodybuilding manufactury. as one part of our design process we visited the head-quarter of the manufactury here in ahmedabad to get any information about how their buses are assembled. really interesting is the recycling concept of aluminium and old TATA engines. the production cost can be minimized to the maximum.

now it is up to us to offer GSRTC a new bus concept with considering of customers needs as well as GSRTC’s development potential.


useful :-)



NID Bangalore

nid_bangaloreKatrin Hinz from the University in Berlin and Birgit Weller from the University in Hanover visited the nice new Campus in Bangalore.


Colourful days


Today I learned many different techniques in weaving.

Its very difficult to choose one of all the nice colours they have in the workshop.

Now you can see some of these effects.


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