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We are all very happy to see you here soon: the four NID-Students Kanchan Dhankhai, Shipra Singh, Rohit Parmar and Snehal Pawar will visit our university for a longer stay. Studying culture and developing ideas: a unique chance. You’re welcome!



dsc060853After the hard work with our buddies at NID, we got the chance to charge some new engergy. After a long trip by bus we reached at Rishikesh, a very spiritual place, even The Beatles stayed there for a while. Close to the holy Ganges we could take a breake and reflect our experiences. We used this place for physical and mental refreshing.


Grey Again

Back in germany all seems to be grey, the complete opposite like the cities we’ve seen in India.dsc06393


Final day.

I am not going to write anything about the wonderful experiences with the team. Neither I’ll write about the zeal we felt while working out our ideas on table or in the lawn. So here is the Concept I displayed on the final day. And truly speaking I am still not satisfied. While Developing this Idea, I took insights from real life examples like memorizing things by color association, drawing attention towards “special” looking things, Modularity, Intuitiveness, Flexibility etc. etc. etc. and etc.


The one aspect still to be worked out is “forgiveness”. what if I take the same tablet twice? what if I forget to refill it? what if the name on it gets erased and I cannot recall it? why should I take pain to rip off all the tablets from the airtight foils and keep them in tiny boxes? To me this concept is just a starting point. There is still a lot more to be done and the constraints are tough. How a simple piece of plastic can meet such big challenges? plus it has to be cheap enough to replace the packaging.

safe journey everyone. ;)

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effective or efficient?

latschenWhere is the biggest difference between the german and indian view of working methods? The discussion shows: the german people like efficiency: what means to do things in the most economical way, a small amount with. The Indian: effectiveness: doing “right” things, i.e. setting right targets to achieve an overall goal (the effect)!


Good bye and thank you so much!


After presentation and feedback we’ve made a photo, gave and got presents, tears has been running. I would like to say thank you very much for your kind hospitality, to Praveen Nahar for organizing everything perfect, to Pradyumna Vyas for his lecture, the fruitfull discussions regarding the perspective of this and some other projects. A big thank you tou all the active students, it was really nice to get you know, to work and to laugh with you! Hope to see you one day again, all the best to you and your families!


the best result:


The brilliant teamwork! Beside the ideas, the project-feedback was very, very positive. All students did enjoy the athmosphere between the cultures. The project was runnig pretty good, the professors liked the ideas very much.



gunnarrahul17 students worked around the topic universal design and found some very good ideas to make life easier. Gunnar Spellmeyer liked the modified gloves.


bwkgprasToday has been the presentation of ideas. Birgit Weller and Kristian Groth are discussing the ideas.


muuuuh or MOU?


Prof. Birgit Weller and Prof. Gunnar Spellmeyer are not only here to work with indian and german students on an actual design topic. Another reason for this excursion is the extension of the existing MOU - the memorandum of understanding. The faculties from Hanover are very happy to sign the MOU per pro the dean Prof. Dr. Rolf Hüper. Akhil Succena, Director (offficiating) of NID, signing the MOU was very intersting in the recent project. For the future a lot of more topics to develop a german-indian-design-competence has been discussed with Pradyumna Vyas.


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