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German Indian Friendships

It is some time ago, that we went to India, to take part at the universal design workshop in 2009 at NID, Ahmedabad.
This was a great experience - Furthermore we had the chance to meet some wonderful people.
Luckily we had the chance to come back to India again, to study at NID for half a year.
Most of our former friends were still there and helped us to get access to the unkown way of life and structures in India. Without them it would have not been so easy for us to live in the Orient.
Some of these people also got the opportunity to come to study in Germany in 2010, some not.
But one followed our invitation and made the long way to Germany and stayed with us from December 2009 to January 2011.
It was a great experience for us to meet him again - somebody who never stood in the snow in his life before and we hope, it was also a great experience for him, too :-)
During the stay, we to showed him around in in northern Germany and let him be a part of our lives here.
We choosed some of the pictures we made over these 3 weeks, just to show how important this friendship is for us. We enjoyed the time with our indian visitor and of course we hope to see him again soon.