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Dear Gunnar!

I got your mail and I will send the CD of all the presentations as soon as possible. We are having vacations now, and I have some of the presenations with me. I’ll collect all of them and send you a CD immediately.


Hi all!!! Long time!

Hey people. We are having our vacations right now but I am on campus right now.

In the previous semester, we had our design projects, which we have to continue ahead. Also, in the first week of June, we are going to a place called Kolhapur. There we are headed for Craft documenation….or I shall actually be saying Resource documentation.

Will be able to tell more about it in the next posts….

A big HI!!!!! to all…..Gunnar, Lucy, Alina, Tim, Chris, Tino, Andreas, Julia and Ramon!!!


- Aditya

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