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Hello India!

Once again we would like to introduce ourselves to the “german indian design blog”. Our names are Tim Zurmöhle and Ramon-Maurice Kopp. Both of us were visiting Ahmedabad almost 4 years ago for a workshop on “air refreshening”. We gathered a lot of experiences and met a lot of people that later became our friends.
Now after graduation and 1,5 years of working experience in Germany, we again have the chance to work and experience India via the DAAD scholarship. We are working on the subject of Universal Design and we are very happy that we got the chance to once again see this amazing place and people, to learn more about design and to share our experiences.

Since we are already here in Bangalore for about 2 weeks, we could see and work with Ravi Shankar and a lot of students. We would like to thank everybody on the NID Campus for the warm welcome and the enriching talks.

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