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A morning with the fishers


Congratulations to Joana Ritter

Congratulations to Joana Ritter for the scholarship from the DAAD - New Passage to India. She is graduate at FHH and will work with Ravi Shankar, Birgit Weller, Katarina Krämer and Marie Kuprat  on the research project: Universal Design Thinking. They will stay for two month - October / November at the NID Bangalore.


Dairy Product Packaging Workshop and Educational Trip 2011

Two weeks of
friendly accommodation
great impressions
and creative cultural exchange
come to an end

Yet this experience is too fresh, too overwhelming and too blissful to say more than this:
Thank you! Thanks to Birgit and Marie, the people at NID, my companions and everybody who made this trip possible and unforgetable.
India – we’ll miss you.



Sebastian Pilzner (use-id) designed the new logo german-indian-design.

Within the next weeks we will change this blog with a new design.



teacher exchange

Marie Kuprat and Katharina Krämer stay now at NID for two months. Both of them work with Birgit Weller on the research project ”Adaptive Solutions in Universal Design”. They will report on the latest development of the project and coach a student project as young teachers on NID. They take a part in the project: „simple products” with Praveen Nahar.



RaviShankar in Hanover and Berlin

In december 2009 RaviSankar from NID Bangalore was two weeks in Germany. He stood in Berlin and Hannover and we had a intensive exchange.  We are very pleased that this was a further step in our joint co-operation. RaviShakar NID, Katrin Hinz HTW, Birgit Weller FHH formulated a Letter of Intent concerning our mutual project Universal Design.


Convocation Week, Exhibition

Last week was a big exhibition on the campus at NID.  Everybody could see the work what the students have done during the year. Those, who convocated this year showed their work on special displays.

We also had the chance to present our university. The foreigners got their own place to exhibit.  We built  frame cubes of metal in which we put one poster for each university. We also showed the work we did during our time at NID.

The people were very interested and  came to see how the Design-Work  is going in other countries.

All in all it was a great week with a lot of experiences and it was interesting to see the “Indian Design”.


Universal Design is a philosophy!

In disussions with the dean of NID Bangalore Dr. Ghosal, Ravishankar and other faculty member we were totally in sync with the need for UD as the future holistic katrin-im-gesprachdiscipline of design.


useful :-)




The first stop of our journey was Goa, Calangute Beach.

These pictures were made in Anjuna Beach & Colva Beach